Case Study Concepts

      1. Early intervention to final determination
      2. Effects of rehabilitation (benefits)
      3. Case that is applicable that can be effectively written
      4. Give a clear answer
      5. Write about something everyone wants to know

      Is it worth writing?

      1. Is it needed?
      2. Does it expand or firm up an idea?

      Questions to ask yourself

      1. So what?
      2. Will your case study change views?

      Who cares?

      Target Journal

      Search Literature

      1. Directly with researcher
      2. Recall ratio(high)(sensitivity)
      3. Precision ratio(low)(specificity)
      4. Boolean operatives: and,or,not,both,either,only
      5. Medlars (Medlinc)
      6. Greatful Med


      1. Be involved
      2. Rewrite
      3. Final draft approval

      Assemble Material

      1. Retrospective

      Patient release


      1. Text
      2. Do not quote more than 4 or 5 texts lines
      3. Get permission

      Know the requirements before you write

      Use proper structure

      1. Introduction (justifies report)
      2. Write an abstract (state variables that you could control)
      3. Use key words
      4. Case description (tells story)
      5. Discussion (present argument)
      6. Conclusions


      1. Write 1st draft

      Review pros

      1. Clarity
      2. Accurate
      3. Fluid
      4. Grace
      5. Economy

      Prepare tables & graphs

      Prepare final draft

      1. Should be done on a computer

      Assemble all material

      1. Letter of submission
      2. Identity
      3. Describe
      4. Indicate why you selected journal
      5. Conditions on publication
      6. Indicate if you were published before or elsewhere
      7. Permit copy write and option publication
      8. Be responsible for calls and correspondence
      9. Payment enclosed if required
      10. Be responsible for color charge
      11. Do not hard sell

      Respond to editor

      Paper accepted

      1. Get a proof reader
      2. Do suggestions
      3. Resubmit

      Wait for publication